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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Colegio do SEK Catalunya

       The school SEK is actually a franchise of school first founded in 1892 by an ambitious creator.  Currently, there eight SEK schools all over europe including Finland, Madrid, Germany, and England.  They pride themselved in setting themselves apart from the average school system.  They are all private institutions yet not religion based.  All the SEK schools require uniforms and expensive monthly fees which guarantees the level of "class" and "economy" of the and smart kids. 
        SEK de Catalunya is a great school with a huge campus set right into the side of a mountian.  Majority of students travel over an hour to attend this school.  SEK offers the International Bacculuarte program which a prestigious and rigious course study for juniors and seniors in high school.  Once completing this IB program, the students are fully prepared for any university abroad or local.  SEK de Catulunya also a has huge focus on its students becoming trilingual, all students speak english, spanish, and catalian quite fluently upon graduation.  Class begins roughly around 9:30, but as I mentioned before time is a rather flexible idea in spain, there is a first snack break at 12:30 and then classes until midday lunch and play break from 2-3:300, classes resume after lunch till 5:15 with a small afternoon break.  Most students don't even get home till after six pm.
          An obvious observation one might make about this specific school...lack of doors. Not kidding.  This school was remolded during the 90's when a educational trend about not having doors to encourage movement, free flow of thoughts etc... Basically its get very LOUD.  While the rooms are sectioned off, there is no door in the entrance way, and the walls are all glass so it is easy for others to watch progress.  However, a perk is that teachers feel comfortable leaving students to run quick errands since there is no privacy. Also, each classroom has no less than 8 windows which is a nice luxuery. 

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