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Monday, November 21, 2011

First Weekend

We had a very successful first weekend in spain! My roomate Chrissie and I went for a morning hike up into the mountains and saw some beautiful scenery! Just like the movies! Saturday night we went into La Garriga for some shopping and dining. I'm definately supporting the spanish economy, their clothes are amazing! The weather is beautiful but this is their rainy season so alot of my photos include our rainjackets and newly purchased umbrellas, Ha!

We also spent Sunday in Barcelona. First, we had to take a train from the village to the city...which we missed our first train hence why there is a photo shoot of us playing on the train tracks.  Barcelona is huge! Basically like Chiago...except in Catalan, which is this region's language and its not even similar to spanish which proved to be a large obstacle. We tried and failed to find the english movie theater to watch the new Twlight...sigh..maybe next weekend.  Overall, the city has tons of sights, like a massive church created by the famous artist Guell, musuems, shoppings, a port, street performers, and tons of local resturants!

waiting for train in La Garraiga

Missed our train and now playing in the tracks

People LOVE their dogs here

Largest Unfinished Cathedral

Barcelona is Gorgeous

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