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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

For my fellow educators

Teaching Observations:

Culture: Sometime it is difficult for the outsider to observe a classroom without fully understanding characteristics of the culture. I am having a great time in spain but there are definately large cultural differences that are cleary visible in the classroom. Two obvious differences: volume level and attitudes.
             Firstly, Spanish people are very LOUD and in result...their children are LOUD students. Seriously, the spanish teachers must have selective hearing or are just plain deaf after spending extended amounts of time. My teacher Lorenzo doesn't even seem to notice the volume level with the high school student while I am considering wearing earmuffs. 
            Secondly, the families in Spain have a very different attitude towards teachers.  Families are the clients and education is meant to be catered to the students.  Spanish parents teach an attitude that teaches the students to "watch their own back" "seek first to help themselves".  As a result, it creates a classroom of alpha dominate students that see no point in sharing crayons or slowing down material for a struggling classmate.
             Lastly, while I love observing the teacher inside me is dying to step in and "correct" these differences but I am a guest and more importantly an outsider of their culture.

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