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Monday, November 28, 2011

Typical Day

A typical day at SEK collegio:

- 2:00 am Stayed up way too late with Chrissie skyping our friends due to the extreme time difference

--8:00 am Alarm goes off for school....hit the snooze button repeatedly

--9:00 am Finally get out of bed and scramble to get dressed in a combination of black on black outfits

--9:30 am Rush to the teacher's lounge to find my teacher, Lorenzo

--9:30-11:00am teaching english prep and college exams to various levels of students

--11:00-12:00pm Midmorning break with coffee and sandwiches for teachers and students

--12:00-2:30pm British Culture Classes

--2:30pm Finally the long break in the day for lunch and relaxtion, lunch is digusting, the school is obsessed with making everyone be healthy, this means no salt, sugar, butter, or salad dressings. Ew.

--3:30pm More english classes

--4:10pm Technology classes with the lower levels

--5:15pm School is out!!! Mass exodus of teachers and students alike

--5:30pm school grounds is practically deserted and the students teachers are left to wander and play

--6:00pm Kitchen staff drops off our dinner...which is usually gross, she speaks no english but we managed to explain that boiled fish is gross and that we would like more white bread and pastries.

Evenings Consist of starving and discussing cravings for american food, hiking upward into the mountians, strolling around La Garriga for shopping, ordering pizza, visiting the UK students, facebooking, watching the two channels our television provides us in english, taking a train in barcelona, prepping for tomorrow's lessons, laundy,and a random other activities.

Overall, its an enjoyable time in Espana :)
Balconey view before school in the mornings

We made pbj sandwiches!!!

Chrissie also equally excited about her sandwich

Calmari Salad...Gross

Other gross casseroles

Laundry on the dryers in spain

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