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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bonjour Paris

       For a quick weekend visit, myself and chrissie took off for visit to the famous city, Paris. We knew almost nothing about the city other than scenes from movies, and our language skills were equally as limited.
        We traveled using RyanAir, the eurocheap fare, which turned out to be much nicer than expected.  We were dropped off in the middle of the city and took off walking...straight into a shopping mall.  It was COLD in Paris, no one warned us.  We immediately bought overpriced hats and scarves before braving the weather again.

the buildings were beautiful everywhere!

Charles de Gaulle, famous french serviceman

haha, tiny cars everywhere!
         First stop was the Arc de Triomphe (we stumbled upon this monument clearly by luck).  After a few pictures, and continued walking aimlessly until we spotted the Eiffel Tower, we were overjoyed!  The tower is huge and bronze and massive!  We took a million pictures and tourists from all over the world were found at the base!  After meeting up with some friends, we were starved and pick the first over-priced resturant we found and devoured food. It was a long day in cold weather and lots of sights :) 

arc de triomphe

first sight across the river!

          We woke up early Saturday morning to cold and rainy weather which was a slight bummer but oh well, we had new hats to wear anyway.  We visited a Christmas market for adorable gifts and morning coffee.  Took the metro (we're almost city professionals) to the Lourve to see history's finest art.

rain in paris park

Venus de Milo


Mono Lisa
           We proceeded to more casually strolling and found street performers, Norte Dame, and the Seine River.


cold weather!

Norte Dame

Street Vendor with crepes!
        Finally, we returned to the Eiffel tower and waited in line for a chance to ride to the top!  It was sooo high up in the air! We rode a tram to the middle section and then switched to a vertical elevator straight to the top. The view was crazy amazing and since we went a night we got to see the whole city light up in lights! So pretty! We took some quick photos, real quick, because it was freezing and super windy!

waiting in line
view at night!

very top level! freezing!!!

yay! go tops!

so pretty!
        Overall, the city was great to see! Crossed several items off my bucket list.  But it was safe to safe that I was glad to return to Barcelona and its warm weather and friendly citizens :)

happy to be back in spain :)

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