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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Observations about Spain

just a random compliation of observation of the spanish culture:

1) Caga Tio - this is a crazy christmas tradition just observed in the Catalan region where we are staying.  It is simply a log, decorated with a painted face, legs, and a felt hat.  On Christmas Eve, the family must remember to feed Caga Tio with biscuits or cookies.  The next morning, Caga Tio has to use the bathroom, so the children help by hitting him with a stick and singing the 'sh*tting song' eventually Caga Tio exretes and leaves his presents for the family in his remains. Weird.
Caga Tio
2) Resturants Servers are paid the same wages as everyother employee.  Tipping is only done at fine resturants.  Because they are not relying on tips for their pay, servers tend not to be as friendly or concerned about your food service as they are in America. 

3) Futbol is truely the dominate sport of the country.  People are beyond passionate about this sport, it has been described as a driving force that shapes their culture. Whole towns and cities have futbol game viewing parties and celebrations, its like the superbowl for every game.

4) The average teacher is required to work 18-25 hours a week.  The school week is sitll 40 hours long except classes run according to a college type schedule where the schedule varies everyday.  So teachers are hired according to what subjects they teach.  The SEK teachers generally teach 4-5 classes a day with sometimes having to do lunch duty or recess duty. The rest of the school day can be spent doing lesson plans, running errands, or chilling in the teacher's lounge.  Plus, average salary is about $40,000 a year for starting teachers. Niceeee

5) Spanish people love their dogs. I have never seen more well-behaved dogs or spoiled dogs in my life.  People bring their dogs everywhere, grocery, movies, metro. etc..

6) Christmas is celebrated January 6th.  December 25th is still celebrated but it is a smaller tradition with usually a family dinner and minor gifts.  January 6th is the supposed 12th day of christmas and celebrates the arrival of the 3 Wise Men with their gifts to Baby Jesus. This holiday is much larger and more extravagent. 

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