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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Town of Vic

This week is a national holiday in Spain so without classes, we have been touring the neighboring towns.  The teachers suggested we visit the town of Vic  to see their traditional Medival Market.  Monday, all eight of us plus some of the UK students took a train to Vic for some sightseeing.  Vic was so adorable! It was a slightly larger town than La Garriga with shopping and several Universities.  However, for one week of the year, the whole town practically transforms into "medival land" complete with street preformers, costumes, friars, juggles, kings and queens, castles, tents, jousting, and flags everywhere.  It was cute to the see the town so passionate about being a whole community.  Plus the booth shopping was pretty good too :)

bread booth

unidentified meat booth

local townsmen

potato on a stick...we ate alot

chrissie and her favorite snack

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